Welcome to the website of C.J. Lyford, Attorney At Law. Ms. Lyford's law practice is devoted exclusively to legal representation in the areas of International Adoption, Pennsylvania Domestic Adoption, Immigration and Citizenship.


Ms. Lyford graduated from law school in 1982 and for the next twelve years worked as an associate in a large law firm handling general litigation cases as well as in a corporate setting. However, in 1994, she was fortunate enough to be able to adopt a child from China. As a result, she became committed to helping other families and individuals add to their families through adoption. In addition, as the number of international adoptions increased, she realized that many families needed legal assistance in handling and navigating the complex immigration and related legal issues that are involved in international adoption. In 1997 she formally opened her practice as a Pennsylvania immigration lawyer and since that time has been representing individuals and families in the areas of adoption and immigration.


Ms. Lyford provides experienced and affordable legal services and representation to individuals located anywhere in the United States and abroad to assist in the immigration and adoption of foreign born adopted children. Throughout the years she has helped hundreds of families adopt internationally and bring their children to the U.S. In addition to international adoption cases she also handles all types of domestic adoptions in Pennsylvania, including independent, agency, stepparent, relative, interstate, foster and second parent adoptions, as well as general immigration matters.


Pennsylvania immigration lawyer C.J. Lyford offers a wide and flexible range of services and can provide services at any point in your case. Depending on your needs, her services can range from a consultation and evaluation of your case on a limited basis to a more comprehensive handling of your adoption or immigration matter. Here are some examples. She can review your case or situation so that you understand all of your options and/or help you develop strategies to minimize future problems. She can prepare immigration submissions as well as evaluate those prepared by you. She can represent you if a petition is denied and prepare an appropriate response or appeal. She can communicate with U.S. consulates abroad if problems arise when you apply for a visa. She can help you adopt and/or immigrate your relative abroad. She can finalize the adoption of your child.


Ms. Lyford's office is located outside of Philadelphia, in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. However in cases involving international adoption and immigration matters, she works with individuals from any U.S. state and worldwide.


As a licensed Pennsylvania immigration attorney she provides domestic adoption services in the following Pennsylvania counties: Montgomery, Philadelphia, Delaware, Bucks, Chester and Berks County. If you need services in other counties, please contact her to discuss whether arrangements can be made.

Evening and weekend appointments are available as needed.

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