Client Reviews

5 stars for a successful outcome on a complex and unique international adoption N-600K case

Almost 3 years ago a friend recommended her lawyer C.J. Lyford to review our paperwork for the N-600K. She reviewed our paperwork, and found several places where we needed more documentation. She also made a table of contents for us, as we had so many papers. We submitted the paperwork February 2019, and just had our interview 3 years later July 2021 (it was scheduled last June, but we had to postpone because we couldn't go back to the U.S. because of COVID). The interview was only 30 minutes, and we got our certificate of citizenship right away! The immigration officer said that our paperwork was the best she had ever seen on a N-600. The lawyer was well worth it, and we strongly recommend her!

- Natalie

Very thorough and reliable

We had a very unique immigration case - CJ was making sure we had the right documents and researched similar cases. It was a long road but we were prepared and there were no surprises. The long wait paid off. Surely would recommend her expertise and professionalism.

- Anna

Professional adoption and immigration lawyer

We spent a lot time to find a master of international adoption and immigration lawyer. Ms. C.J. is the best lawyer. She is super professional, super nice. She is very familiar with international adoption law, domestic adoption law and immigration law. She is very successful lawyer.

- Anonymous

Amazing attorney

CJ was absolutely amazing from beginning to end helping us get our adopted son his American Citizenship! Excellent, punctual and great to work with! We are beyond grateful!

- Nick

International adoption

I am very pleased with the help that Ms. Lyford was able to provide. I adopted while living abroad and faced challenges in finalizing the adoption in the US and obtaining my daughter's US citizenship. Ms. Lyford was with us from the beginning, laying out a workable roadmap to get where we needed to be. Her advice proved sound and we have recently completed the process. Her reassuring and competent presence throughout the process was also much appreciated.

- Jen

Immigrants from China

Christianna (CJ) Lyford led the charge into the world of immigration for my wife and I and my step son. I knew nothing about the process, and my job limited the time I could personally invest in understanding and managing the long process of bring my wife and her son to the US from China. CJ took charge, her office handled the many filings, and kept us on task for getting to the goal line. From the time we made the first filing until we were together one year passed. We are very happy with this time span, as we are aware many situations can go beyond a year. And all the way CJ was there to lead and bring us to the next critical step. THANKS AGAIN CJ!

- Byron

The Best

After being ensnared in a bureaucratic nightmare (from this end), we found C.J. to help us. Within a month we had a break through and we were able to travel abroad to adopt our 3 darling children. We continue to believe that it was because of her expertise that made the difference. We will never forget her help.

- Anonymous

International adoption Malaysia

CJ Lyford helped us with the US part of the adoption of our daughter from Malaysia. She gave us information which led us choose a different route which was simpler and quicker than the one we had previously been led. She made contact with the officials to set up appointments that where convenient for our family. Many thanks!

- Eric

C. j Lyford was a great help to our family

It has been a great experience working with C. J Lyford with the adoption of our two children. After my marriage my husband wanted to adopt our two children. After reviewing the information online the process seemed very difficult in the Philadelphia courts .

Working with Ms. Lyford made the whole process clear and relieved a lot of pressure. She helped with obtaining the termination of the birth father’s rights, background checks and all the other paperwork needed to complete the process seamlessly.

C.J. Lyford is a pleasure to work with in stressful situations, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to adopt. She is very knowledgeable and patient. The Sutter Family

- Anonymous

Excellent service

C.J. has a pleasure to work with, and as an attorney myself, I have very high standards. She was also the most reasonably priced, considering the high level of service provided.

- Shelby

She helped make my son's adoption a reality!!!!!!

Ms, Lyford was just wonderful!!!! She kept myself and husband very informed on what the next steps where in the process of my husband adopting his step son. As well as getting all of the paperwork together for us of what we needed to get signed and what back round checks needed to be done. She made it a very smooth stress free process! I would recommend Ms Lyford to any one any day!!! She helped make a long time wish a reality for my whole family!!! thank you CJ THE NXON FAMILY

- Amanda